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Lombok’s shopping possible defies the mass generated flow of goods many of us have come to associate with contemporary consumer culture. Pottery, basket weaving and textiles are the three crafts. That is a place where visitors must take benefit of local handmade, top quality and special products. Fabrics and Textiles The Sukara traditional weaving village will be the center of Shop in Lombok Island textile industry. The style of design is known as Ikat – meaning to bind or tie – utilizes a resist dying process very comparable to tie yarn and features symbols which refers to wealth, power and prestige.

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Pringgasela is another village where weaving production could be observed and produce bought. Common items include sarongs, t-shirts, gowns and wall hangings. Ikat is done by men, while Songket is done by girls, and is significantly more complicated and passed down from generation to generation. Consequently it’s less affordable, but worth every penny. Sukara Traditional Weaving Village Fun and intriguing, a local guide will show you the whole process, from developing the cotton, spinning the thread, brewing the natural dyes, and weaving on the looms. You may then decide if you wish to purchase something. Furniture The Indonesians are renowned for producing innovational, top quality aesthetics, particularly in case of furniture.

Using materials including teak, teak and bamboo, much of the stuff is also exported and in a lot need. While in Lombok you may as well see the goods first hand and at a less expensive price. The juxtaposition of simplicity and skill that is intense make these pieces hugely harmonious when put in an inside context among other pieces of furniture. Steel Jaya Furniture and Teak timber Expert. Address: Senggigi Square Blok B/7, Senggigi Lombok Indonesia Contact: +6237069314 9 Classic Furniture Address: Jl. Raya Batu Layar, Senggigi Lombok Gallery Nao Wooden interior & furniture Address: Jl. Raya Montong, Lombok Indonesia Contact: +6237062683 5 Arena Furniture Address: Jl.

Raya Batu Layar, Senggigi Lombok Contact: +62817574520 0. Jewellry Lombok is a heart for jewellry production. The beauty of pearls is that you shouldn’t go in search for them, they walk up to you. Beach vendors take holes of pearls, in a variety of shapes and sizes across the sands of the island. Lombok is well known for producing the freshwater pearls. If you’d prefer to receive a receipt with your purchase, then you will find around 15 pearl firms here, mainly dealing in wholesale. Pieces can be purchased on the beach or in one of the very few jewellry stores around the island. If you desire a personal reminder of the time in Lombok, then just a little accessory may be just a way to do it. L & M Pearl Shop Pearl, jewellery, presents Address: Jl. Raya Senggigi Lombok .