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All About Lake Expo

To start, Lake Expo is a privately owned daily news source that operates locally. Usually, the readers of the source are their very own residents, the visitors, the homeowners, and the members of the boating team of Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. Readers access the daily newsletter called The Lake Alert depending on how they want to, like whether they use their mobiles, or laptops, or whatever gadgets they are convenient with that can possibly access. The Boating page of Lake Expo contains DIYs instructions, stories, tips about boating, and other information that are needed in the Lake of the Ozarks. While on the See & Do page, the best events and music activities can be known. In the Eat & Drink page, people can discover what can be found at the lake that are mouth-watering.

Even when summer has passed, the biggest event of The Lake of Ozark’s will let people who attend enjoy the water again, and will be held on August 25-26. There more about Shootout than the weekend boat races it offers. Fun doesn’t stop during the preparation, because fun extends even after the event, and the money gained on those days are donated to Shootout charities.

The Shootout will hold a Golf Tournament in Old Kinderhook on August 12 at 1 pm. On Saturday to Sunday, August 18 to 19, will be the Mini Shootout. The Great Shootout Treasure Hunt will come next among the activities and will be done on the 20th of August in Captain Ron’s. It will require twenty dollars per person. The day after that, Tuesday, August 21, will be the Shootout Volleyball Tournament from twelve noon to eight in the evening in Captain Ron’s. At the same evening, there will be a Shootout Hall of Fame Dinner & Induction which will start at 6 and will be held at Stables at Cannon Smoked Saloon. Each person must pay thirty-five dollars if they want to take part in the event.

On the next day, Wednesday, August 22 at 5 in the afternoon, will be the Shootout on the Strip Meet & Greet Presented by “WAVES AND WHEELS” in Bagnell Dam Strip. On August 23 from noon to 4 in the afternoon will be the Wish Upon A Ride Powerboat Rides Presented by “OAK STAR” in Dock 3 at Captain Ron’s. On August 24 at 7:30 in the morning, there will be a Poker Run presented by Poly Lift & which will start in Big Thunder Marine and end in Shady Gators.

Keep track of the activities of Lake Expo because there are still a whole lot more. May you look forward to what Lake Expo can offer!

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Lakes – My Most Valuable Tips