Bali Botanic Garden

Bali Botanic Garden, a large Botanical Park for research, conservation, tourism, and education situated in the Bedugul region, Bali, Indonesia. Bali Botanic Garden is a deep tropics botanic park in Bali located in Bedugul area, Candikuning Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan region, on the central highlands of Bali island about 56 km from Denpasar City. Botanical Garden of Bali Bedugul was previously known as the EkaKarya Botanical Garden, is situated at an altitude of 1250-1450 over sea level, with a place of 157.5 hectares. The average temperature in Kebun Raya Bali is 17°, – 25°, C during daytime and 10°, – 15°, C during night time, with the moisture of 70 – 90%.


Since the weather is difficult to predict, visitors are always advised to cook warm garments, umbrella or raincoat. To reach the location of Bali Botanic Garden, visitors will be encouraged to use taxicab, car, motorcycle or tourist bus since public transport isn’t convenient because of the irregular schedule. The other areas of interest nearby Bali Botanic Garden or surrounding Bedugul region are UlunBratan Danu Temple, Beratan lake and Bedugul’s fruits and Vegetable Market. Bali Botanical Garden is a unique location on the island of Bali which unites botanical research, plant preservation, education, and recreation. Here we may unwind and revel in the beauty and peacefulness while learning the advantages of many types of plants, like plants such as medicines, the plants for ceremonial purposes, along with other tropics rainforest plants and bird life.

The name EkaKarya for Bali Botanic Garden suggested by I Made Taman. Eka signifies One and Karya means the Work Results. So EkaKarya can be translated as the first botanical garden which is the outcome of the Indonesian nation itself after Indonesian independence. This botanical garden is dedicated to the collection of gymnosperms from all around the world because of these types could grow well in the botanical gardens. A lot of the first collection was imported from the Botanical Garden of Bogor and the Ciboda Botanical Garden, among others Araucaria Betvillia, Kuprizus sempervirens, and Pinus masoniana. Other types of plants which are indigenous to this region included Podocarpusimbricatus and Casuarina junghuhniana.